Right, variations of Breyer models sold as Bo Diddley, Arabian Stallion and Silent Knight made from

Pam's original sculptures.

Rugged Lark clay sculpture prior to going to New Jersey to meet with Breyer.

Pam Talley Stoneburner  works mostly in pastels,   pencil and pen & ink sketches, oils, sculptures and more recently, photography. Since graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Animal Science, Pam has specialized in creating life-like portraits of horses and other animals. Her originals and reproductions are displayed in homes across America and abroad. Breyer Animal Creations and Red Mill Manufacturing Company commissioned Pam to do original sculptures for their reproductions. Southern States Feeds and our local Augusta Cooperative Farm Bureau have used Pam’s artwork for their feed bags. Over the years, many t-shirt designs, greeting cards, magazine covers and decorative flags have featured the drawings and logos done by Pam. Her photos and artwork have been published in Western Horseman Magazine, several books by Tom Moates as well as  “Starting and Running Your Own Horse Business” and another  book entitled "The Magnet - A Large Animal Veterinarian's Journey" by  Dr. Mary A. McDonald, DVM.

 Pam and her husband Rob rode horses to their wedding, and horses continue to be a part of their family today. Rob’s company, Virginia Frame Builders in Fishersville, constructs quality horse barns and sells building supplies and fencing materials. Their 3 grown children and a granddaughter all enjoy horses and compete in endurance rides.

Pam serves on the board of Ride With Pride therapeutic horsemanship and volunteered as an instructor. She coached the Augusta County 4-H Horse Judging Teams and leads Precept Bible Studies.

You may contact Pam at portrait@ntelos.net or (540)476-3246


Breyer models Khemosabi and Rugged Lark made from Pam's original sculptures.

Red Mill Sculptures


Portrait of Pam's endurance horse Khayyam, who would stand with all 4 feet in buckets at once.

Original clay sculpture along with Red Mill reproduction.

Pam Talley Stoneburner

Animal Portraits & Photography

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Red Mill Mfg., Inc. commissioned Pam to do over 40 original sculptures as collectibles made of a unique blend of crushed pecan shells and resins to give the look and feel of wood carvings.

Early stages of original clay sculpture of Khemosabi.

Pastel portrait

Pam puts finishing touches on Rugged Lark original clay sculpture at Breyer Animal Creations in New Jersey.

Acrylic wall murals


16 x 20 signed and numbered limited edition print $50